8/27, PM, A Courageous Leader
August 27, 2017

8/27, PM, A Courageous Leader

Passage: Joshua 1:6-8
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Bible Text: Joshua 1:6-8 | Preacher: Pastor Bruce Carlson | Series: Determined

1. Courage to Continue

a. Continue in faith

b. Continue in strength

c. Continue in love

d. Continue in sacrifice

2. Courage to Follow the Bible

a. The truth of the Bible

b. The hope of the Bible

c. The holiness of the Bible

d. The promise of the Bible

e. The power of the Bible

3. Courage to Meditate on Jesus

a. Meditating on the cross

b. Meditating on forgiveness

c. Meditating on grace

d. Meditating on the future

4. Courage to Believe it all

a. Believe Jesus’ leadership

b. Believe Jesus’ victory