6/4, AM, A Determined Steward
June 4, 2017

6/4, AM, A Determined Steward

Passage: Luke 12:41-43
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Bible Text: Luke 12:41-43 | Preacher: Pastor Bruce Carlson | Series: Determined

1. We are Stewards

a. Stewards work for the Master

b. Stewards are active

2. We are Specifically Employed

a. Personal evaluation

b. Watching

c. Praying

d. Repenting

e. God’s agenda

f. Loving others

g. Serving in our place

3. We are Accountable

a. The lost man

b. The saved man


Pray more intensely
Remove your love from this world
Oppose temptations and besetting sins more violently than ever
Desire the things of God
Live with eternity in mine