June 10, 2018

6/10, A Fiery Trial

Passage: 1 Peter 2: 13-3:13
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Bible Text: 1 Peter 2: 13-3:13 | Preacher: Associate Pastor Keith Thompson | Series: A Study in 1 Peter

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A.  Our Formal Obligations (2:13-25)

B.  Our Family Obligations (3:1-7)

C.  Our Fellowship Obligation (3:8-13)

1.  We are to be submissive in conduct (3:8-9)

a.  We are to be compatible (3:8a)

b.  We are to be compassionate (3:8b)

means: your hurt in my heart

c.  We are to be caring (3:8c)

d.  We are to be comforting (3:8d)

e.  We are to be  courteous(3:8e)

means: friendly, thoughtful to others.

There is no excuse for Christians to be rude or react rudely when                         wronged.

f.  We are to be conciliatory (3:9)

If we act vengeful, it only creates wars. Let God take care of it.

Let life’s worst injustices conform us to be like Christ.

2.  We are to be sanctified  in conversation (3:10)

sanctified means set apart; holy

3.  We are to be saintly in character (3:11-13)

Treat all people with respect.