July 22, 2015

A Man of Prayer

Passage: James 5:16-18
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Bible Text: James 5:16-18 | Preacher: Pastor Bruce Carlson | Series: Elijah

1. We Need God’s Presence

His direction
His freedom
His love

2. We Need God’s Illumination

Blindness removed
Word of God would be clear
Realization of things God has prepared for us

3. We Need God’s Word Declared

To melt the heart of the cold hearted
To break the heart of the hard hearted
To divide and discern the confusion of those preparing to make decisions

4. We Need the Unction of the Spirit on Each Preacher and Worker

Pastor Matt and Wendy Swenson (Gethsemane Baptist Church, Idaho Falls, ID)
Pastor Jason and Tina Harris (Central Roy Utah)
Pastor Nathan, Aundrea, Shaylee, Mayleeya, and Terryn Kirkman (Mt. Logan Baptist Church, Logan Utah)
Missionary Phil, Christine, Noah, Hannah, Isaiah, Micah, Selah, Ezra Prettyman (Cornerstone Baptist Church, Twin Falls, ID)
Pastor Carlson (Cornerstone Baptist Church, Twin Falls, ID)
Associate Pastor Thompson (Cornerstone Baptist Church, Twin Falls, ID)
Youth Pastor D.J. Stone (Cornerstone Baptist Church, Twin Falls, ID)