April 27, 2016

4/27, A Message from God

Passage: Judges 3:12-30
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Bible Text: Judges 3:12-30 | Preacher: Pastor Bruce Carlson | Series: Judges


(1) The people had lost their leader

(2) Apostasy was due in part to the universal bad example

(3) Idolatry was their easily besetting sin

(4) A new generation had sprung up

(5) The inveterate depravity of the human heart

1. Moab a Near Relation

a. A descendant of Lot

b. Natural kinsman. Moab and Ammon that nations that resulted from Lot’s sin

c. The relation between Lot and Abraham was nearly  carnal. The relation between Israel and Moab was all carnal

2. Moab a Near Profession

a. Profession without reality

b. Profession to deadness

c. Profession camps at Jericho

d. Profession is weak

3. Moab’s defeat by God’s man

a. God raises up a man

b. Ehud: praise, confession

4. When Moab is defeated, God renews your life

a. Victorious attitude

b. Clarity of who they are

c. Deciding to reject tyranny