A Time to Be Thankful
December 31, 2017

A Time to Be Thankful

Passage: 1 Chronicles 16:1-36
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Bible Text: 1 Chronicles 16:1-36 | Preacher: Pastor Bruce Carlson | Series: Determined

Thanks for the Work of God. Vss. 7-9

Share it with someone
Sing of His work
Talk of His wondrous works

Thanks for the Character of God. Vss. 10-11

From the heart seek Him
For His strength
For His availability

Thanks for the Promises of God. Vss. 12-22

The faithfulness of God’s promises
The goodness of God’s promises
The fulfillment of God’s promises

Thanks for the Greatness of God. Vss. 23-36

Declare God’s greatness among the heathen and all nations
Declare His creation
Give unto the Lord


Thanksgiving purifies the heart
Thanksgiving renews perspective
Thanksgiving shifts our focus
Thanksgiving brings strength
Thanksgiving brings us close to God
Thanksgiving empowers our witness
Thanksgiving validates God’s greatness