May 8, 2016

A Woman Who Conquers; Elizabeth: A Sweet Spirit

Passage: Luke 1:5
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Bible Text: Luke 1:5 | Preacher: Pastor Bruce Carlson | Series: More Than Conquerors

1. A Spirit of Righteousness

a. Walking in the commandments of the Lord

b. Walking in the ordances of the Lord

2. A Spirit of Patience

a. Patient for God’s Will

b. Patient for the long term

3. A Spirit of Meekness

a. Meek in God’s blessing

b. Meek in God’s rememerance

c. Meek in God’s privilege

4. A Spirit of Praise

a. Praising God for His blessing to others

b. Praising God for His  revelation to her

c. Praising God for the faith of others

d. Praising God for the fulfillment of His future promise

5. A Spirit of Strength

a. Strength under pressure

b. Strength in the face of tradition

c. Strength to stand alone


Conquered the  temptation of bitterness

Conquered the  temptation of heartache

Conquered the  temptation of jealousy

Conquered the  temptation of awkwardness

Conquered the  temptation of perceptions

Became a mentor

Became a comforter

Became a witness

Became a trainer