April 13, 2016

Another Generation

Passage: Judges 2:7-10
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Bible Text: Judges 2:7-10 | Preacher: Pastor Bruce Carlson | Series: Judges

1. An Understanding Generation

a. Served in the days of Joshua

b. Served in the days of Elders

c. They saw great things

2. A New Generation

a. They knew not the Lord

b. They knew not His work

c. They did evil

d. They served Baalim

e. They forsook the Lord


Be careful of associations.
Be aware of potential idols.
Be willing to obey the Lord in all things.
Be aware of the price that has been paid for our current privilege.
Be confident in the ability of Jesus Christ to meet all your needs.
Be aware of where your strength comes from and the strength that you have in this current life.
Be faithful in keeping your relationship with Jesus Christ pure and holy.
Be willing to avail yourself of the mercy of God without taking advantage of the mercy of God.