August 28, 2016

8/28, AM, Doctrine Matters

Passage: 2 John 1:6-10
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Bible Text: 2 John 1:6-10 | Preacher: Pastor Bruce Carlson | Series: More Than Conquerors

1.  Doctrine mattered to Jesus

a. He taught doctrine with authority

b. He warned against fase doctrine

c. He confronted and angered people with his doctrine

d. He had no secret doctrine

2. Doctrine Continued in the Early Church

a. Doctrine was pursued

b. Doctrine unified

c. Doctrine identified

d. Doctrine gave freedom

e. Doctrine was proclaimed

f. Doctrine was desired

g. Doctrine divided


B: Biblical authority in all matters of faith and practice

A: Autonomy of the local church

P: Priesthood of the believers

T: Two officers with in the church, Pastor & Deacon

I: Individual soul liberty

S: Seperation of church and state

T: Two ordinances, Baptism and Communion

S: Security of the believer