November 26, 2017

11/26, AM, Don’t Forget Where God Starts

Passage: 2 Timothy 1:1-5
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Bible Text: 2 Timothy 1:1-5 | Preacher: Youth Pastor Dan Stone

The Bible

Romans 10:17    If we want to grow THE faith, REAL faith, in our children, the Bible is the only seed, water, and fertilizer that will do the job!
Duet. 6:6-9   The only way to get away from this truth is to ignore this truth, and that will bring forth sorrow and destruction

The Blessings
The Big Picture

Psalm 127:3-4    All of us want to launch our children further than we could go. The way that Lois & Eunice did it was to present and live for something much bigger than themselves. (Comfort was NOT king.)
Character is important. (tough, hard working, steady, resilient, selfless…)
Commisioned is more important

Conclusion and Applications

Find a way to make the Bible more real to you personally
Start having family devotions – no matter how awkward it may seem.
Spend time thanking God for blessings as a family
Get involved with the Great Commission one way or another
Do things on purpose.

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