January 6, 2019

1/5, AM, He is the Rock

Passage: Deut. 32:4
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Bible Text: Deut. 32:4 | Preacher: Pastor Bruce Carlson |
A Strong God

A Strong Savior

Out of Egypt
Out of sin.

A strong Creator

Everything begins and ends with Him.
He created, and it was good.

A strong Defender

Defender of his people
Defender of his cause
Defender of his word

A Sheltering  God. Psalm 61: 1-4

A God that comforts
A God that hides

A settled God. Mal. 3:6; Psa 33:11

A dependable God.
A trustworthy God.
A listening God.
A purposeful God.
A thoughtful God.


Heb 6:18-20