November 10, 2019


Passage: Joshua 1: 1-9
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Bible Text: Joshua 1: 1-9 | Preacher: Associate Pastor Keith Thompson | Series: Portraits of Grace | There is no audio recording due to technical difficulties


Struggle is Life.  Life is struggle. Misery is optional.  Life doesn’t get any easier when you quit.

When all hope is lost, God made a way.  God has a purpose for us.  There will be hardship; the enemy wants to stop you.

Don’t doubt in the night what God called you in the light.

 Remember God’s Calling.

Josh. 1:1
Ex. 34:28-29

The devil will cause doubt.
When God calls you, he will make a way.  Satan will attack you. It’s not easy but God’s grace is sufficient.
God wants us to be grateful for our past but don’t live in it.  Don’t let your past defeat you nor coast in your victories.  What are you going to do with the future?