April 15, 2018

4/15, SS, Joy of Serving through Humility

Passage: John 13:3-20
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Bible Text: John 13:3-20 | Preacher: Pastor Bruce Carlson

1.  The Savior saw the need to display an act of humility so we can know what it is.

2.  Jesus is still willing to cleanse us today so we can have fellowship with Him.

3.  Jesus washed Judas’s feet even though he knew in just a short time Judas would betray Him.

4.  Jesus’s life is to be lived out through us no matter what our circumstances are.

5. Jesus has given us an example that we are to follow.

John 13:17 (practicing on a continual basis)





What’s important in the Joy in serving Jesus.

John 13:15