September 4, 2019

Let`s Make it Right

Passage: Acts 15: 22-41
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Bible Text: Acts 15: 22-41 | Preacher: Pastor Bruce Carlson | Series: Acts: The Sent Church |
 Correction of errors. Tit 1 9:-11

A personal touch (Encouragement)
A solid touch (developing faith)

Doing right in our eyes.
Doing right before God. Rom 16:17

2. Correction of confusion .  2Tim 4:1-2

Brought rejoicing.
Brought comfort.                                                                                                                                                                                                                           1Th 3:1-3

3. Correction of failure. Joh 11:7-8

A realization that if this could happen at Antioch there was a concern it                                                                                                                                   could happen to the other converts and churches that had been started.

Go again.
Barnabas took Mark. 2 Tim 4:11; Pro 25:19
Paul took Silas.