July 10, 2016

7/10, AM, Living With Purpose

Passage: Romans 8:32-37, Proverbs 20:3-4
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Bible Text: Romans 8:32-37, Proverbs 20:3-4 | Preacher: Pastor Bruce Carlson | Series: More Than Conquerors

1. Purpose of Christ

a. Overlook the strife

b. Putting dirt on a fire

c. Avoid the strife

d. Remove the strife

2. Purpose of Self

a. Self-exaltation

b. Self-preservation

3. Purpose of Pleasure

a. Momentary ease

b. Resistance of value

4. Purpose of Now

a. Surprised at having nothing

b. No work, no harvest

c. No sacrifice, no return

d. No planning, no results