April 17, 2016

4/17, PM, Loose Him, Bring Him

Passage: Mark 11:1-11
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Bible Text: Mark 11:1-11 | Preacher: Pastor Bruce Carlson | Series: The Gospel of Jesus Christ

1. A Matter of Obedience

a. Obedience of the disciples

b. Obedience of the owners

c. Obedience of the donkey

2. A Matter of Praise

a. Spreading of gifts

i. Spreading of garments

ii. Spreading of branches

b. Spreading of praise

i. Hosanna

ii. Blessed… cometh in the name of the Lord

iii. Blessed… Kingdom of our father David

iv. Hosanna int he highest

3. A Matter of Consideration

a. Jesus entered Jerusalem

b. Jesus entered the temple