January 28, 2018

1/28, AM, Magnify the Lord through Humility

Passage: Philippians 1:19-21, Daniel 4
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Bible Text: Philippians 1:19-21, Daniel 4 | Preacher: Pastor Bruce Carlson | Series: Magnify the Lord

1. God’s Intervention

a. Shadrach, Meshach, Abendnego. Daniel 3

b. Daniel. Daniel 1-2

c. Dreams. Daniel 4

2. Man’s Intervention

a. Friends couldn’t help. Daniel 4

b. God’s Man understood. Daniel 4

c. God’s man cared. Daniel 4

3. Judgements Intervention

a. Driven from position.

b. Driven from privilege.

c. Driven from peace.
Pride separates us from people.

Eliminates close relationships.
Eliminates real conversation.
Eliminates freedom

Pride dulls our love.

Fulfillment of personal desires
Fulfillment of momentary desires

Indicators of Pride

A proud person becomes irritated when corrected for mistakes.
A proud person accepts praise for things over which he or she has no control.
Pride will not admit mistakes.
Pride refuses to take counsel and to learn from other people.
Pride often shows itself in competition with other people.
Pride does not want more; pride wants more than somebody else.

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