May 6, 2018

5/6, AM, Making the Most of Meeting with God

Passage: 2 Timothy 2:15
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Bible Text: 2 Timothy 2:15 | Preacher: Pastor Bruce Carlson | Series: Magnify the Lord

The Necessity of the Bible.

The revelation of God.
The illumination of God.
The declaration of God.

The Challenge of the Bible.

The challenge to study.
The challenge to be approved of God.
The challenge of a workmen.

The Effectiveness of the Bible.

The Bible will discern thoughts.
The Bible will discern intents.
The Bible will melt the cold.
The Bible will break the hardened.

Devotional Helps:

Pick a Time.
Be Consistent.
Understand the Building Process.
Make a Record of what you Learn.
Follow an Organized Method.
Pray Before you Begin.
Confess Sin.