March 8, 2015

Mar 8, AM, Mission Minded Church: A Church that Sends

Passage: Acts 13:1-5
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Bible Text: Acts 13:1-5 | Preacher: Pastor Bruce Carlson | Series: Be Strong

1. An Obedient Church

Obedient to serve
Obedient to follow

2. A Spiritual Church

Spiritually minded

i. Prayer

ii. Fasting

Spiritually dependent

i. Followed God’s plan

ii. Followed God’s provision

3. A Responsible Church

Recognizing God’s call
Identifying with God’s person
Sending with God’s blessing

i. Heartfelt send off

ii. Joyful send off

iii. Hopeful send off


Pray for them
Love them
Remember them
Provide for them
Labor with them