October 25, 2020

Moses and the Manna

1. Murmur
“Complaining is like bad breath, you notice it when it comes out of somebody else’s mouth but your own.” Will Bowen
Mat 10:29-31
Is 55:8-9
A. The People were angry.
1. The people complained,
Gal 5:9
2. The people forgot.
Signs of Discontentment:
– Do you feel jealous when someone else is promoted at work?
– Are you unhappy when someone else’s child excels, rather than yours?
– Do you resent others when they are recognized in church?
– Do you wish that you could change your upbringing?
– Do you spend time thinking about material things you cannot afford? (or do you buy things that you think will make you happy just to toss them off later because they did not?)
– Are you envious of the talents of others?
“Die to praise and die to criticism.” Dr. Lee Roberson
“You can’t hurt a dead man.” Dr. Lester Roloff
1 Co 15:31
Mark 8:34-35