August 30, 2015

Peter’s Boast (se habla espanol)

Passage: John 13:36-38
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Bible Text: John 13:36-38 | Preacher: Pastor Bruce Carlson | Series: Be Strong

1. Peter’s Questioning

a. Knowing God’s plan

b. Knowing God’s desire

2. Peter’s Declaration

a. Desire to follow

b. Sacrifical faith

3. Peter’s Reality

a. Growth was necessary

b. Strength needed to be developed

c. Humility would be required

d. Pride needed to be removed


Be patient in the will of God, He has a perfect plan.

Be humble in your current position , promotion comes from God.

Be careful what I say, it reveals my heart

Be convinced of God’s sovereignty, it will bring peace.

Be accepting of God’s instruction, even when it reveals weaknesses.