February 6, 2019

1/6, The Place was Shaken

Passage: Acts 4:23-37
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Bible Text: Acts 4:23-37 | Preacher: Pastor Bruce Carlson | Series: Acts: The Sent Church |
We have a support system.

We labor out there.
We restore in here.

It isn’t the facility, it is the ability!

We have a Unity.

Praying together. vs. 24
Pleading together. vs. 24
Power together. vs. 31

God defined. vs. 24
God at work. vs 25-26
God in control. vs 27-30

We have a potential together.

Holy Spirit filling together.
Holy Spirit power together.
Holy Spirit witnessing together.
Holy Spirit boldness together.

We have a description to follow.

Description of unity.
Description of powerful witnessing.
Description of love one for another.

Barnabas: the encourager

Description of self-less attitude.