July 3, 2019

The Preached Word

Passage: Acts 13
Service Type:

(There is some static on the recording, because of mic issues, in the recording and a silent spot where we were switching mics.)


  • Group of leaders.
  • Group of servant leaders.
  • Group of spiritual leaders.
  • Group of surrendered leaders.

Barnabas: Barnabas a sweet man

Simeon called Niger: possible carrier of the cross of Jesus

Lucius of Cyrene: possible convert of Simeon

Manaen: foster brother of Herod the tetrarch

Saul: converted Pharisee; radical transformation

  1. The Priority of the Great Commission.
    • A life changing message.
    • A culture changing message.
  2. The Priority of Prayer.
    • Prayer powered the commission.
    • Prayer powered the mission.
  3. The Priority of the Word of God.
    • Preaching the Word of God.
    • Power of the Word of God.