February 14, 2016

2/14, PM, The Purpose of Trials

Passage: Job 1
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Bible Text: Job 1 | Preacher: Pastor Bruce Carlson | Series: Trial by Fire

1. Job walked with God

a. He was righteous

Righteousness is better than gold
Righteousness is a key to answered prayer
Righteous man can vex his soul with wickedness
A Righteous man is not perfect but gets up and makes things right

b. He feared God

Fear of God motivates us
Fear of God teaches us
Fear of God draws us close to Him

c. He resisted evil

2. Job displayed by God

a. As a testimony to the devil

The devil is the prince of this world

He is in control of the world’s system

Our actions were formally like the devil’s

The devil is not omniscient neither all-powerful
The devil is a vindictive

b. As a testimony to devotion

c. As a testimony to character

3. Job revealed by God

a. Trials strip away the outward coating

b. Trails show what we really trust in


Trials come in the lives of the righteous

Trials put our lives on display for the glory of God

Trials reveal what and who we really trust in if we will allow them to teach us