November 4, 2018

11/4, AM, The Sands of the Seashore

Passage: Genesis 46;8-30
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Bible Text: Genesis 46;8-30 | Preacher: Pastor Bruce Carlson | Series: Joseph |
The Sand on the Seashore.

An amazing promise.
An obvious fulfillment.

The Grains of Sand.

Simeon’s sons: Shaul’s emphasis.
Judah’s sons: covering his shame.

Delight to cover sins.
Ignoring of Judah’s failures
Benjamin’s sons: Begin large-end small.

Issachar’s sons: family of job?
No names of wives listed .

The Isolation of the Sand.

The separation of Joseph’s family.
The uniqueness of Joseph’s family.


God is a keeper of His promise.
God knows specific individuals.
When we are rejected by the world we know we are accepted by God through His Son Jesus Christ.