September 30, 2018

9/30, AM, The Silver Cup

Passage: Gen. 44
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Bible Text: Gen. 44 | Preacher: Pastor Bruce Carlson | Series: Joseph


Moses: Ex. 3:1-3. burning bush                                                                                      Balaam: Num. 22:28-32 Talking Donkey                                                                    King Saul: Bleating sheep 1 Sam. 15;14                                                                        Widow of Zaraphath: Empty meal barrel and the dead son 1 Kings 17: 9-24        Elijah: a touch, a meal, a still small voice 1 Kings 19                                                 Naaman: Israelite slave 2 Kings 5:4                                                                             Simon Peter: a rooster Matt. 26: 69-75

At Heavenly Conspiracy.

a. God`s drawing.

b. God`s providence.

c. God`s perspective.

2. A Heated Confrontation .

A. passing of Joseph`s tests.

B. They  are passing the self test .

3. A Heartfelt Confession.

A. Judah`s growth.

B. Judah`s love.

Sin by nature is selfish.                                                                                                Sin must be dealt with honesty.


Are you growing in the Lord?

Are there sins in your life that need to be confessed?

Are you afraid there might be a silver cup in your future?