September 25, 2016

9/25, Ladies, SS, Mrs. Carlson: The Baggage of Guilt and Failure

Passage: Matthew 26: 36-46 specifically vs. 41
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Bible Text: Matthew 26: 36-46 specifically vs. 41 | Preacher: Amy Carlson | Series: The Liberated Woman

There can be a lot of baggage over the years.  A lot of guilt and failures.  Time doesn’t stop and that can add up to a lot of baggage.

I want to show you some things about Peter’s character that might help us understand the cycle of failure in our own lives.  Some of the baggage we can carry because of spiritual failures.

The first thing that adds to our baggage is:

 Impatience- being patient is hard!  Waiting is hard. ( the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak)

Don’t miss your time with God in the morning.  It sets the ground for failure.

Pride-  adds to our baggage of guilt and failure Matthew 18:1-4
Unbelief and Hardness of Heart- Mark 16:14

You hear but you don’t hear- head vs heart
Mark 8:17-21- lack of reasoning, lack of reasoning, no understanding.
Mark 16:51-52- amazed at Jesus miracle because of the hardness of their heart.  This affects our reasoning and understanding.

God RESCUED Peter- Romans 5:6-10

God REMAINED with Peter- Hebrews 13:5; Isaiah 41.9-10

God REVIVED Peter- Psalm 85:6; 2 Chron. 7:14

Peter was perceiving, reasoning, seeing, hearing, understanding because his heart was soft.  He knew the Lord was gracious and precious.  Peter had repented of his hard heart so he could receive and believe and run the race with his precious savior.

Satan wants you to think its hopeless and too hard.

God says all things are possible with Him.

Experience FREEDOM through Christ.